Building Redeye

Redeye builds with Quartus Forth 1.2.5R. (I haven't tried building it with a newer version of Quartus yet.)

To build Redeye:

  1. Get Redeye
  2. Run source/redeye/redeye2pdb to convert sources to DOC format
  3. HotSync source/redeye/*.pdb
  4. HotSync all 3rd party sources (see below)
  5. Run Quartus on your Palm:
    • needs docinc
    • docneeds redeye-make
  6. Redeye appears as a new program in Applications!

Not registered?

If you're using an unregistered copy of Quartus Forth, you can't build Redeye into a standalone application. But, you can still compile and run it within Quartus Forth:

  • needs docinc
  • docneeds redeye-app
  • go

3rd Party Sources

Required sources that are not distributed with Quartus are packaged with Redeye for your convenience. Just import "3rdPartyWindows.csv" or "3rdPartyMac.csv" into your Palm Desktop.

  • queue (Kris Johnson)
  • date: (Jonathan Saunders "Mielikki")
  • time:
  • pref:
  • pref:date
  • pref:time

Standard Library Sources

The rest of the sources required are part of a standard Quartus Forth (1.2.5) installation, and are probably already on your Palm. They're also available on the Quartus site.

  • asm68k
  • condthens
  • core-ext
  • datamgr
  • decimal
  • docinc
  • double
  • events
  • fields
  • forms
  • graphics
  • ids
  • memory
  • resources
  • serial
  • string
  • struct
  • textalign
  • toolkit
  • zstrings
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