Get Redeye

For Palms that aren't really old, you may need to install the OmniRemote Library (15 day trial) in order for Redeye to work. Redeye will tell you if it needs the library.

They don't make this printer anymore…

Yes. But, there are still places to get one. There are usually a few for sale on eBay (between $50 and $150). And you can find them at other web-based stores. The printer is sometimes called "HP Infrared Printer" or "HP IR Printer." Also, the Omnilock WP4000 seems to be the same printer, but sells for around $400.

Also, Martel Instruments has a series of printers that are supposed to be 82240A / 82240B compatible. The printers also support more standard interfaces (like IrDA). Calculator Source carries one of the Martel printers. I haven't tried any of them, but I'd be interested to hear if they work with Redeye.

Will it work on my Palm?

If you bought it before 2005, there's a good chance!

Redeye should work on most DragonBall-based models. All Palms used to run on DragonBall CPUs, including the Palm III, V, m100, and m500 series; Handspring Visors, early Trēos, and a few others.

For newer models, Redeye uses Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote Library. The latest version of the library (1.61), added support for the Treo 650 (released Fall 2004).

Which Palms need the OmniRemote Library?

Anything that runs PalmOS 5.0 or higher.

Tested Hardware

Model Works?
Handspring Visor Deluxe yes!
Handspring Visor Neo yes!
Palm III yes!
Palm IIIxe yes!
Palm V yes!
Palm Vx yes!
Palm Centro yes, needs OmniRemote
Palm m100 yes!
Palm m515 email me
Palm T|X yes, needs OmniRemote
Palm Tungsten E2 yes, needs OmniRemote
Palm Tungsten T3 yes, needs OmniRemote*
Palm Zire 71 yes, needs OmniRemote

Tried using Redeye on your model Palm? Is it not listed here? Let me know.

* One user reports Redeye crashing on exit if the Palm is in extended mode. The solution: don't use extended mode with Redeye.

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